When you come into code

always leave one thing better

Hi, I’m a computer

  • Despite what you might have heard, I’m really good at doing exactly what you tell me
  • I’ll do it over and over, without complaining

Connect to BeaglePlay WiFi

  • Look for SSID “BeaglePlay-XXXX
    • XXXX changes between boards
    • Default password is BeaglePlay
  • Browse to beagleplay.local or
    • Use wpa_cli to connect to your local WiFi


Your membership card for rebuilding the 21st century

  • 1,000s of sensor, indicator, actuator, and connectivity add-ons
  • Embedded camera and display add-ons
  • Built in long-range wireless and wired connectivity
  • Open hardware and software, ready for you to customize


  • Connects the community
  • Empowers individuals to make it their own
  • Join up and help set the direction of the project

Fork beagleplay.io

  • https://git.beagleboard.org/beagleplay/beagleplay.beagleboard.io